Lancer Racing Limited was formed in 2004 with the foremost objective of establishing a competitive and professional race team. The company intends to promote local as well as assist in the establishment of a fully comprehensive driver training program to enable competitive racing for talented overseas drivers.

We offer single seater wings and slicks driver on track training or for drivers to just practice and enhance their own skills.After the covid pandemic is sorted we will be commencing a new venture - offering the use of classic sports cars used in the nomination of Targa events in the north island - not only in competition but will also include all the trimmings of the competition event, such as sharing hotel, event meetings and social gatherings over the 3 to 4 day period

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What Do We Offer

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    Marketing and Communication

    Motor racing is a high profile sport enjoying tremendous popularity and extensive TV, Internet, Press and Radio coverage throughout the world.

  • Corporate PR & Entertainment

    Motor racing provides the opportunities and the tools for Marketing, Public Relations, Corporate Entertainment and Communication at a variety of locations covering the whole country.

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    Motor Racing is an Ideal Marketing Tool

    A promotional programme based on motor racing can reach the 'hearts and minds' of your target customers and enhance almost any advertising campaign.

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To create opportunities for drivers and sponsors both on and off-track by establishing tailored business models to suit the individuality of each driver or sponsor investing their carer/advertising or corporate funds in the highly prestigious world of single seater premier motor racing We expect any potential driver or sponsor to share our unswerving passion to succeed in the New Zealand Toyota Racing Series and Asian Formula Renault Challenge.

Reach the 'hearts and minds' of your target customers to enhance any advertising campaign.
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