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The routes need to be suitable for the persons or vehicles using them, in suitable positions and sufficient in number and size.

Concrete Core
Sampling and Potholing

Concrete Strength is of special interest for engineers involved in the Structural Condition Assessment of concrete structures.

Borehole and Hand
Auger Sampling

Measure water level and water quality over time at local or regional scales.

About Us

Welcome To Accurate Pavement Investigations

Ian and I first met at around 19 years of age. We were both attending Auckland University. Ian is from Hikutaia (near Thames) and I am from Hamilton. We became good friends and flatted together for University years. After Uni Ian and I travelled for 5 years around the world. In 1994, Ian returned to New Zealand and worked for 25 years at a leading Geotechnical Engineering company. Ian created the pavements division and built it organically over years until he was managing the New Zealand and South Pacific Island operations of one of the preferred Geotechnical Investigation Companies in Australasia.

  • 11 Years Experience.
  • 250 Projects Completed.
  • 200+ Happy Clients.

Why Choose Us

As a result, we dramatically improve the environmental impact and sustainability by

  • Not requiring activity in any of the environmentally damaging stages of aggregate production.
  • Reduce the impact of vehicle pollutants by over 80%.
  • Eliminate completely the by-product of hydro-excavation-thousands of litres of potentially toxic, contaminated water.

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