About BeHIFe

Behife with its business intelligence tools and learning solutions improves business performance by helping decision makers to positively impact the company’s bottomline.

Behife BI tool utilises the available data in the company from accounting, ERP, CRP and other software, filters, analyses and presents a meaningful narrative to key decision makers in the company. This brings everyone on the same page and helps them to speak the language of business – numbers!

Behife learning solutions offers courses accredited by Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA), Australia and certified by Finance Academy, Australia.

Our Vision

“Helping people in business to know how every decision impacts the bottom-line”

Business Intelligence Tools 100%
Business Intelligence Courses 100%

Business Intelligence Courses

Behife Analytics offers Finance Academy Australia’s programs that is a MUST for anyone who would like to become a smarter finance person. These programs have been researched for over eight years and were previously delivered face-face to business owners and non-financial managers in Australia, India, China and Indonesia. The ABF & MBF programs are accredited by Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA).

Team Members

Break Even – Hindsight – Insight – Foresight – Effective management


Chinmay Ananda is a Financial Educator - Business storyteller - International speaker & bestselling author.

Chinmay Ananda

Director & Founder

Sridhara Agahalaya has been involved with emerging technologies for the last two decades both in the UK and India.

Sridhara Aghalaya

Mentor & Advisor


Ambuja has over 15 years of experience as an accountant using popular accounting software.

Ambuja V

Accountant & Backend
data-entry manager