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    Cartune Company Limited

    We have an extensive knowledge of all aspects of Engine swipes using the 1uz Toyota or V8 engine.

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    Cartune Company Limited

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The Cartune Company Limited

The Cartune Company was started in 1994, originally based in Hamilton NZ and purchased by myself in 2003. In the early days, the focus was on standard cars and standard tune-ups. In 2016 the business moved away from the city to a rural location to specialize on engine conversions, parts relating to engine swaps with a large focus on the wiring of the engine management, including both standard and aftermarket systems.

The biggest engine we work on is the 1uz Toyota / Lexus V8 with a tread towards LS1 Chevrolet engines for those wanting a bit more power.

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Cartune Company is incredibly flexible, friendly and easy to work with. Our list of services is widely acknowledged to assure you get the best quality service. Our experienced staff brings you expert advice which is guaranteed.

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  • All work guaranteed
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  • Saturday bookings available
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Your correctly tuned vehicle will start well, run well and use less fuel. So what are you waiting for...

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If you can't buy it, we build it.

All-over vehicle check, including oil change, oil filter, diff/transaxle, clutch fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, window washers, battery, cooling system, air filter, wiper blades, tyre pressure, fuel filter, door hinges, fan belts.

Remove water and other contaminants from: fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel pipe,fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator.

Clean injectors, resetting of mixture and full report on fuel system condition.

Drain and flush system and replace with new coolant.

Drain and flush brake fluid system, replace with new brake fluid, bleed system.

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I'm all about V8 conversions and engine swaps. The first choice is the 1uz-fe Toyota V8 or Lexus V8 if you prefer that. I also do 3uz-fe swaps. Lots of wiring including Immobilizer bypass. Next choice is the LS1 Chev V8, or its big brothers the LS2 or LS3. As I do lots of wiring I also do a fair bit with aftermarket ECU and wiring including the odd V8 Sprintboat.

  • Conversion Information And Wiring Instructions (Toyota / Lexus V8)
  • Parts Sales For Toyota / Lexus V8 Involved In Engine Swap
  • Immobilizer Disable/By-Pass On Toyota ECU
  • Supply And Fitment Of Aftermarket ECU On All Models
  • LS1 Chevrolet V8 Conversions And Wiring
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