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Coaching Packages

We offer a range of online coaching programs and services that benefit intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and leaders. Whether you are starting your own business, already have an established business or are innovating and leading within a company. We have a range of coaching packages, assessment and feedback tools for your development.

Leadership Coaching
  • MLQ self-report or MLQ 360 Assessment
  • Assessment includes self-report and up to 24 peer ratings
  • Online debrief
  • Comprehensive Development Report
Leading with Emotional Intelligence Coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • Online Debrief
  • Comprehensive Development Report
Intrapreneur Coaching
  • Entrepreneurial Edge Assessment
  • One hour online debrief
  • Full Development Report
Entrepreneur Coaching
  • Entrepreneurial Edge Assessment
  • One hour online debrief
  • Full Development Report

Our work

At Entrepreneur and Leadership Coaching we work with Passionate Entrepreneurs (beginning and established), Intrapreneurs, Leaders and Aspiring Leaders. We offer a range of online coaching packages designed to develop you professionally to achieve success in your business, workplace, start up and work-related ventures. We use scientific, valid and evidence-based measures to support you to reach your potential and prime you for success.


Evidenced Based

Research Driven


Are you launching your business or interested in taking your business to the next level? Being an entrepreneur comes with many challenges. We will work on establishing mindset goals, managing during times of uncertainty, stress tolerance, authentically engaging with others and understanding the needs of others.

Aspiring entrepreneurs

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur wanting to start your own business venture but not quite sure what skills you should be relying on to move forward with your idea? We can work together on identifying your strengths and the skills you should be relying on to move forward and best achieve success.


Intrapreneurs are vital to organisations. As an intrapreneur, you spur growth, facilitate change and develop new products and services that move organisations forward. We will work together to develop the competencies that are proven to inject innovation from the beginning stages of creating ideas to growing and renewing ventures.


As an entrepreneur / leader in your own business or within an organisation, there are a range of skills that are essential for your success. Transformational leaders build trust, act with integrity, inspire and coach others. Anyone can become a transformational leader when given the right tools, support and resources. During our coaching sessions, you will develop the skills and behaviours to ensure you unleash your potential and get the most out of your team.


Become a more effective leader and unleash your potential with the MLQ Plus. The most effective leaders consistently demonstrate Transformational Leadership Behaviours. Transformational leadership is essential in the workplace and as an entrepreneur. Research shows transformational leadership consistently leads to:

  • - Increased performance, productivity and satisfaction in the workplace
  • - Workplace commitment, group cohesiveness, self-efficacy and performance
  • - Innovation, creativity and organisational performance
  • - Workplace engagement and productivity
  • - Lower Absenteeism and turnover

Develop your leadership skills with the Leadership Coaching Package

Why Transformational Leadership:

  • - Extremely important for innovation
  • - Encourages new ways of problem solving
  • - Promotes employee’s entrepreneurial behaviour
  • - Inspire and motivate others
  • - Achieve extraordinary outcomes

Full Range Leadership Model(Bass & Avolio 1990)

The Full Range Leadership Model is the most validated model of high performance leadership behaviour.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The Entrepreneurial Edge provides a framework for understanding the keys to success. This is designed for:

  • - Entrepreneurs
  • - Aspiring entrepreneurs and
  • - Intrapreneurs

I work with you to develop the competencies needed for success at all stages of the innovation cycle. Innovation is a necessity for all businesses not only start-ups. Intrapreneurs enable change, facilitate growth and develop new products and services. It takes a specific skill set to succeed as an intrapreneur and tackle any challenges you may face in your organisation. Research has found four key factors are crucial for entrepreneurial success. These include having the right mindset, self-management, dealing with others and creating and executing a successful strategy. Our coaching package and personalised assessment and development report helps you leverage your strengths and develop the key competencies needed to be successful.

Develop your entrepreneurial skills and competencies with the Intrapreneur Coaching Package

Emotional Intelligence

Understanding your emotional intelligence is important to your development and success as a leader and entrepreneur. Gain insight into your leadership strengths and areas of development from an emotional intelligence perspective. Develop your emotional intelligence skills with the Leading with Emotional Intelligence Coaching Package. Research suggests that higher emotional intelligence influences entrepreneurs and leaders in the following ways:

  • - Positively Influences Innovation
  • - Improves organisational effectiveness
  • - Influences growth
  • - Influences leadership performance