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Russell Fresh is listed as a Category 2 building in the Historic Places Trust Register. It is the only surviving 19th Century trading store still fulfilling its original purpose on the Russell waterfront. The store also offers a dive tank filling service in addition to groceries, meat, fruit and vegetables, beer and wine, ice creams and your other everyday needs. Russell is a thriving wharf, tourist, fishing, farming and retirement community. If your travels take you to historical Russell do come in and say hello to our friendly staff. We will look out for you! The grocery industry is a diverse and challenging place to work, and choosing a career in this field can be very rewarding. At Russell Fresh, our people play a vitally important role and are a major contributor to the store's success.

We're the trusted Kiwi grocery retailer providing New Zealand communities with service that is second to none.


We offer Fresh Fruits.


We offer different types of Dips.


We offer Fresh vegetables.

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