• First home, or next investment property, we will help you get in there quicker.

  • Thinking about getting a home loan? Talk to us and we will step you through.

  • Buying a commercial property, a new business, new assets, or just needing some urgent working capital? Talk to us and find the best business funding solution.

  • Funding for new builds or home renovations might be easier than you thought.

  • Fancy a new car or a well-deserved holiday? Get a personal loan that you can afford.

About Us

GoldBridge Finance are NZ registered financial advisors that deal with a selected lender panel on your behalf including all major banks and over 20 second tier lenders in NZ. Getting a loan can sometimes be a daunting task and stressful. We will shop for the most suitable financial solutions to your needs within the timeframe you require. We also work with a professional team to help make the process as smooth as possible so you can stay on track of your plan. Best of all our service is obligation free and does not cost you anything in most cases. If there is a cost we will advise you upfront so there will be no surprise.

Home Loan

Whether you are buying your first home, a holiday batch or another investment property, we can help you shop around for the best deal that fits your financial circumstances and save you money.

Business Loan

It can be complicated and frustrating to get a Business Loan for a new business, a commercial property, new business assets, or even just that extra bit of working capital. We will assess your financial position and put together a plan to help achieve your goal.

Construction Loan

Whether you are building your own dream home or an experienced developer planning for your next project, let us sort out the finance so you can focus on your plan.

Personal Loan

We all have the odd moments when some extra cash can help a long way, or buying your dream car, planning for a long-deserved holiday, or even just renovating the kitchen for the family. We provide personal loan solutions to suit your needs and wants.

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Why choosing Goldbridge Finance?

We are NZ registered financial advisors that deal with a selected lender panel on your behalf including all major banks and over 20 second tier lenders in NZ.

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Check the latest mortgage rates

Are they going up, are they going down? Get a better understanding of what's what so you don't break into a sweat at the mention of interest rates...

What if your bank says no?

Just because banks said no doesn’t mean they don’t like your business. It may just mean you will need to tidy up your credit problems, or just save a little more to get across the line. We will work out a bridging solution for you.

Review your mortgage

If you haven't reviewed your mortgage lately, you should. Simples. Let us do it for you free of charge and you might end up saving thousands. Better than a kick in the teeth...

Don't forget your insurance

It's a minefield trying to figure out which type of insurance you need and how much. Let our specialist insurance advisers figure it all out for you. Insurance doesn't have to be a painful process but it is necessary...

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