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Service & registration reminders

Hi-Tec Vehicle Management is licensed to carry out your safety inspections to ensure your vehicle meets the required safety standards.

Vehicle Registration Inspections

At Hi-Tec Vehicle Management we will keep you updated regarding the registration and servicing of your vehicles.

Vehicle pick up and return

As part of our customer service, we will pick up your car, carry out repairs etc and return it to you after a complete quality check.

About Us

We are a Trusted Name in Auto Repair Industry

Hi-Tec Vehicle Management aims to bring together hassle-free vehicle servicing and excellent customer care. We use the latest technology and equipment to maintain your vehicle & diagnose issues and all the documentation is provided to the customer including a Comprehensive Servicing Inspection Report. Hi-Tec Vehicle Management assists in maximising the lifespan and vehicle value with regular vehicle servicing reminders and communication.


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Customer's love about

We understand your busy schedule! Hi-Tec Vehicle Management offers to provide you with the flexibility of free pick and drop to and from your home or office. At Hi-Tec Vehicle Management we aim to help you maximise the lifespan of your vehicle value with regular servicing.

Next level customer's service

We can pick up your vehicle, carry out repairs & maintenance requirement and return it to you. As part of our Vehicle service, we complete a Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection which will give you a summary of any issues that your vehicle may have. We also have a mobile payment system that allows for payments to be processed on the spot.

Servicing report

Hi-Tec Vehicle Management has access to Repair and Maintenance Reports that provide detailed information on the total number of vehicles being serviced & repaired, maintenance and replacement of auto parts. The reports summarise popular vehicle types and categorise all vehicles by age, geographic region and vehicle make. The reports provide benchmarks to measure against.



Full transmission Servicing

All our automotive technicians are Auto-Tech trained, meaning we have great expertise and knowledge and we only use quality parts and fluids so you can have confidence in repairs.

General Car

Hi-Tec Vehicle Management is your one-stop shop for quality auto repairs and first-class servicing and also provide great customer service and high-quality workmanship at a fair price.

Brake & Clutch Specialist

We complete our professional brake repair by cleaning the disc brake calliper and the clutch replacement which requires several manufacturer-specific tools.

Addressing all common vehicles servicing and repair issues!