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Are You Breathing Smarter?

Since the energy crisis in the ‘70s, we have built our homes tighter to conserve energy.

In doing so we continually breathe the recirculated air inside our homes. It has taken over 40 years for the building industry, EPA, and CDC to realize that by doing so, we have been poisoning ourselves, and our pets.

By breathing this recirculated air our pets and ourselves are ingesting the contaminants released by the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), we bring inside. Air Fresheners, odor eliminators, cleaning products, and personal care items are all known cancer-causing VOCs.

Further, we have been inundated with outside toxins finding their way into our homes then being trapped there. These include – Molds/Mycotoxins, Neurotoxins, Red Tide, and Radon.

All of these outside influences including basic allergens greatly affect our pets.

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About Building Science Authority

About our business.

A unique culmination of three major industry leaders to form this unparalleled ‘whole-istic’ approach to the indoor air quality of a building, home, or institution. We have united experts in building

  • building science
  • toxicology
  • mechanical ventilation
  • and as-built construction
  • specialized doctors, physicians, and specialists

to assess and diagnose the viability of air quality in an envelope resulting in better-built environments for occupant health and well-being.


Our Services

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Comprehensive environmental and indoor air quality assessment

We tailor an indoor air quality panel specific to your environment, be it commercial, industrial or residential. We use specialized equipment that can test for 300+ gasses, VOC’s, Co2 and multiple toxins indicative to your environment.

Building Investigation

Moisture intrusion and mapping, building envelope issues and flaws, building sickness, well building studies, documentation and assessment from damage, cognitive function studies, pre-storm and post storm assessment and documentation.

Occupant medical reviews

Confidential reviews of your medical records by leading doctors, physicians, and specialist to determine whether occupant wellness is related to environmental factors.

Risk Assessment

Infectious control (including Covid-19, sars-CoV-2), environmental hazard assessment, insurance assessment for claims coverage (pre and post storm reviews), occupant health studies, damage studies, building or event evaluations.

Harvard Study

"Indoor air quality and the build-up of CO2 can reduce cognitive function as much as 300%."

The results found that participants’ scores were significantly higher in the areas of crisis response, information use, and strategy. Information usage scores for green and enhanced green environments were 172 and 299 percent higher than in the conventional environment, respectively. For strategy, green and enhanced green scores were 183 and 288 percent higher than the conventional environment. Crisis response scores were 97 percent higher for the green environment and 131 percent higher for the green environment with enhanced ventilation and lower carbon dioxide levels compared to the conventional environment.

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Find your solutions with BUILDING SCIENCE AUTHORITY

The solutions vary depending on a given environment, location, and other items specific items. Testing and monitoring the performance of the structure is required to determine the appropriate direction/s to take to abate the situation.

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