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JAYKIM enterprises has been involved in many facets of motorcycling since 1973 and has extensive knowledge in "old school" motorcycle tuning and set-up. We are always concerned that the availability of inexpensive horsepower these days is not taken quite as seriously as it should be and is actively involved in improving helping others understand the dynamics of their Motorcycle. Everyone requires a different set-up for their motorcycle and this fact is often only apparent when things go wrong.

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At JAYKIM enterprises, we believe that if we are all to make a good living, it begins with helping our customers to keep earning too. That is not going to happen if we do not approach your problem with the same sense of urgency as you.
We also believe in helping our community and assisting those who may be having a hard time of it anyway, so we often do the very small things too. Whether it is another small business with a problem or a member of our elderly; we will do our best to help out there too.
We give our promise that we will always endeavour to keep you moving when we know, that is what you need. Whether it's a 50 tonne Excavator or a ride-on Mower, we'll be there to get you out of trouble.

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Hydraulic component repair and service. Mobile hydraulic hose replacement. Mechanical and hydraulic repairs on all types of machinery, including:

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