Welcome to Karl Larsen Mortgages

Building A Brighter Financial Future

Welcome to Karl Larsen Mortgages

Connecting All Your Loan Needs

There was we snapshot of 26 years of working experience, I want to change that to “Bank lender and Registered financials adviser since 2004 (to cover bank experience from 2004 to 2016 and financial adviser experience since 2016)”

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About Us

Karl Larsen Mortgages

Karl Larsen Mortgages is a locally owned financial advice service that is excited about trying to help you in your quest to purchase your first home, second home, investment property or business. Karl uses his years of Banking experience as a business banking manager and personal manager and as a financial adviser to guide you through this process.

Karl makes the process of getting a home loan, and mortgage easier for you by handling negotiations from completing an application with the banks, explaining the jargon, terminology and ensuring you provide the correct information you need to make your own financial decisions based on your unique situation.

From refixing existing loans to purchasing a new business, Karl can liaise with the banks to get the best deal that suits your needs at the time.
Karl will take the time to understand your financial needs and future goals. Only then will Karl set off on a quest to find you the best possible loan at the best possible rate. Karl welcomes you back when your circumstances may change, or you decide to purchase more property

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Have a Phone, email or personal meeting with Karl

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Complete application to get a pre-approval for house, this can be done in person, online, via email or over the phone

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start looking for a property.

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Once successful or want to make an offer on the property, Karl will guide you through this process step by step.

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First Home

It seems like an exciting idea but you’ve got a few questions. In fact, it’s all starting to feel a little stressful.

Next Home

What comes first, selling your existing property or buying the new one? Or maybe you’re keeping your own home.


Time to refinance.This is an opportunity to shop around for a mortgage deal which really suits your needs.

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Karl Larsen Mortgages is a new exciting mortgage adviser brand born out of Dunedin, created by Daryl Taylor and Melissa Robinson. We are a Mortgage Broking business that wants to support other great advisers with a high-class brand to create and develop a network of top performing advisers throughout the country.

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