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We are committed to innovation, sustainability and to providing our clients with a solid investment

For 30 years, clients have trusted us to build their dream, eco-friendly homes. Our high-quality, beautiful homes follow the Passive House standard principle, which means that our work includes some of the greenest, most energy-efficient residential buildings in New Zealand. Not only do we build first-class single-family homes, but we also build premium, eco-friendly multi-residential and commercial buildings.

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Expanded polystyrene (EPS) more commonly known as “foam” and other expanded plastics are an integral part of everyday life. They are used in the manufacturing of insulated panels and concrete forms for houses, for insulating the underside of roads, for protecting furniture, appliances and electronic equipment, and in sports equipment, automobiles and many other products.



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01 yr ago
NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms
  • #Hiringnow

We’re in search of passionate, talented, and collaborative people to join our team. Multiple positions are available across our locations in the US and Canada. Update your resume and app...

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NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms
  • #Nudurafromthesky

The latest video on the Cumberland Trace Elementary School in Bowling Green, KY! The project is coming along nicely and should be finished by Fall 2021. Stay tuned for more ...

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NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms
  • #tbt

The ICF Builder award-winning Richmond Street Apartment block in London, Ontario is one of the tallest projects ever specified in #nuduraicf. It comprises 19 above-ground storeys.

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