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    Welcome to The Insurance Brokers

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    Welcome to The Insurance Brokers


ABOUT The Insurance Brokers

The Insurance Brokers Limited, a Fire and General broking company, was established in 1996. The purpose of the company was to fill a gap in the market. This was in the area of liability risk for businesses.

TIB has grown over the years with a broad range of clients from domestic, business, corporate, associations and groups. The Insurance Brokers Limited continues to expand but intends never to lose its competitive edge – the ability to always provide superior personal service, affordable premiums, some unique products and professional advice.

The company is based in Ponsonby, Auckland and deals with a wide range of insurance companies. We cover businesses and individuals throughout New Zealand from Cape Reinga to Invercargill.

Our service includes writing articles for trade and association magazines, holding educational seminars on aspects of insurance, and offering advice on a broad range of subjects including all risks.

As members of the Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand (IBANZ), we at all times adhere to our Association’s code of conduct. By meeting the stringent guidelines set down by the Association and holding professional negligence insurance (professional indemnity), you are assured of professional standards. All of our staff are very experienced and qualified. The Insurance Brokers Limited holds many qualifications including Qualified Practicing Insurance Broker (QPIB) and Certified Insurance Professional (CIP).



Associations and Groups

We offer a range of tailored insurance packages designed specifically for industry associations and groups.



The Insurance Brokers analyse your risks and advise the best possible solution for your business to survive due to sudden, unexpected incidents.



The Insurance Brokers provides every type of personal insurance cover and we are continually working to ensure we offer the best of products.


Risk Survival and Planning

The Insurance Brokers provides a competitive and effective risk management plan to help keep health issues from developing into financial emergencies.



No. Insurance companies require you to sign your application form.The reason is that you must disclose if you have had insurance cancelled, whether you have a criminal record and how many claims you have had in the past. In fact, before you sign an insurance policy you must disclose all relevant facts to enable the insurance company to consider your application for insurance. However, the proposal can be filled out with the assistance of the broker.

No. Each time you have a claim your no claims bonus can be reduced depending on the circumstances. If a third party hits your car in the rear and you have the car registration and details of the driver ad/or witnesses, your no claims bonus will not be affected. This also applies to glass cover. However, if you cause an accident or a third party hits your car and it is a hit and run, then your no claims bonus will be affected.

No. Because you are part of a group, premiums are based on the total premium not one member’s premium. This means that at renewal unless a large percentage of the group claimed, there will be no individual increase in premiums.

TIB does not believe this is ethical. If you have paid for a whole year, at renewal TIB will quote for the business and if successful, then will take over your policies. However, if you are dissatisfied with your insurances and service, you must produce a letter of authority and the reason for cancellation, and we will then service you.

All pre-existing conditions must be declared to the medical insurance company. They will then make a fair and considered decision whether your condition will be covered or not. Sometimes there is a 3 year waiting period for the condition to settle or sometimes it is covered immediately by paying a higher premium. This depends on the severity of the condition.